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Welcome to my portfolio site.

I use my website as a playground for testing out new ideas and methods for web development. This is how I keep myself up to date. Feel free to look around the site and give me some feedback about my work. On the left, are links to sites where you can find me and get connected.

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Chord Finder — iPhone app

This is the premier app for guitarists of all level. Touch the fret and hear sounds, see pictures, and the diagram that makes up that chord. Now available in iTunes App Store.

Get more info about the Chord Finder iPhone app
Buy it at the iTunes App Store.

Recently Featured Projects

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ChordC - Connecting People With Chords

ChordC is a social community/utility for finding chords and connecting with other members learning the guitar. Join us and help make it the place to learn and have fun.

ChordC, LLC is aiming to connect people with chords. Please visit, sign up and get connected.

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Legacies' MIC

The kiosk, nicknamed Legacies' MIC ( Multi-media Interactive Center ), is filled with videos, extensive information, and animated menus built in FlashMX using ActionScript 2.0.

View Sample - Note: This project was intended to be a touchscreen kiosk and not optimized for the web.

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Save A Life Foundation - Salf-town

This children website was developed to help children learn life saving techniques. I designed, illustrated and programmed it in FlashMX using ActionScript 2.0.

View Sample- Note: This project is half-finished because of budgeting constraints.